Thursday, 4 February 2010

I've created a 'googlewhack'.....

So what's a 'googlewhack' you might say? It's an internet based word game (obviously devised by some very bored people) involving the search engine site Google. The idea is to key in any two words of your choice and see how many websites Google points you to. This will usually result in thousands of pages being found. However, on very rare occasions, Google will only find one. It looks through billions of webpages and only finds one that delivers. A site that, in its own way, is unique and special. This is a googlewhack, and there are actually people out there who find them for fun!!

This has occured since I invented the word 'Pexommier' for our new french style cheese. If you enter...

"pexommier publicity"

into google you will only find this blog !!!

This may change over time as more and more sites reference the word pexommier, but it's a good start.

ps. it's not a true googlewhack, because one of the words is not in the dictionary (yet!!).

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