Sunday, 28 June 2009

The building, before and after

Another comparison photo. This is the outside of the cheese premises, before the building work started and after completion:

I just spoke to Rita.....

In the first post of this blog, I mentioned a book called 'Cheesecraft', here it is...

It was written in the '80s by Rita Ash, who by coincidence, I've just spoken to!!

I've been looking for a piece of machinery and was given the number of someone in Devon who's husband Alan makes bespoke cheese equipment - this turned out to be Rita!

Since that initial phone call Alan has built me a number of bespoke items, including this:


No matter how many times I mentioned the narrow road and 180 degree bend on my order, some carriers still insisted on sending large trucks!
The driver was pleased with himself when he got the truck up the road, but got stuck on the way down. It was a hot day and the truck got stuck on the bend with the wheels spinning in the molten tarmac.
After making the driver sweat for a while (his control room had noticed that he wasn't moving!), he was dragged out by a tractor!