Sunday, 13 January 2013

Cold Store expansion

This is a photo of the new, rather large cold store extension, taken from the far end of the barn (the entrance to the cheese room is through the plastic curtain partition on the left.

We will now be able to make and store Pike's Delight and Devils Rock Blue on a much more regular basis.  Over the next 3 months or so, we will be able to build up the stock of these 2 cheeses to ensure they are always available.

We will also be able to control the maturation and storage of Pexommiers due to an elaborate multi-temperature environment within the cold store complex!

So..... starting this week, we will be able to make more cheese......

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hebden Bridge Big Green Weekend

What a fantastic weekend, selling local Todmorden Cheese at the Hebden Bridge Big Green Weekend with local Cheese Royalty Jean Hartley from the Crumbly Cheese Stall.

There were some questions regarding just how 'local' and 'green' the market actually was, but you don't get more local than Pextenement Cheese made just 3.2 miles away (3.3 if you count the distance walked by the cows to be milked!).

The Big Green Weekend is an annual event but Pextenement Cheeses are also available in Hebden Bridge at the monthly Farmers Market, Pennine Provisions, Valley Organics and Relish Global Eatery.

This picture was taken at the start of the day. The pile of cheeses went by mid-afternoon.

SJ's Breakfast

Some people like cornflakes, others prefer toast and jam. Not my friend Sarah - she is quite partial to a piece of Pexommier for breakfast.

Kept at room temperature, this piece was ripened to perfection. A perfect specimen of a Pexommier whose life was cut short by SJ's hunger.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Oh no, not again....

Oh yes, here we go again. The Cheese premises are once again inaccesible due to this mornings snow. At 5am when I started this morning, there was just a light covering of snow. Four hours later, the place is completely covered. Here are some pictures.....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Oh well, that was a bit short-lived....

Why did I write about the googlewhack on the blog?! It now returns more than 1 entry - i.e. 2 entries from this blog are now showing up! That's set me a new challenge - I will have to invent a new name for one of the future cheeses we're working on.

Off to celebrate my birthday now by......

turning pexommiers in the cold store!! They don't seem to understand the concept of Sundays and days off, they need constant attention throughout their short 3 week lives.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I've created a 'googlewhack'.....

So what's a 'googlewhack' you might say? It's an internet based word game (obviously devised by some very bored people) involving the search engine site Google. The idea is to key in any two words of your choice and see how many websites Google points you to. This will usually result in thousands of pages being found. However, on very rare occasions, Google will only find one. It looks through billions of webpages and only finds one that delivers. A site that, in its own way, is unique and special. This is a googlewhack, and there are actually people out there who find them for fun!!

This has occured since I invented the word 'Pexommier' for our new french style cheese. If you enter...

"pexommier publicity"

into google you will only find this blog !!!

This may change over time as more and more sites reference the word pexommier, but it's a good start.

ps. it's not a true googlewhack, because one of the words is not in the dictionary (yet!!).

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Free publicity is good publicity....

The Halifax Evening Courier decided to feature the launch of our new cheese - Pexommier. The picture took some doing though - me and Andrew squeezed together hunched over a pile of cheese for what seemed like an age.

Read the first comment below the article. Local newspapers are there for free publicity! It is down to companies like ours to create news stories for them. Unfortunately (or not) :-) free publicity does follow when they decide that we've created a story worthy of reporting.